A View from the Shore, edition 2 of 15 by Michael Hermesh


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Hermesh, Michael

Artist Hermesh, Michael


Bronze, Kangaroo Leather Leash
Art Size
13.5 x 14 x 5


A View from the Shore by Michael Hermesh

It has been my observation that people who want to control you love the metaphor of the bridge. You cross the water without getting wet and end up at a predetermined location on the opposite bank.

It has been observation that artists love the idea of jumping, diving, and swimming. There comes a point in the act of creativity where we have to let go of dry land and jump into a reality that is unknowable and unpredictable (It has not yet been created). This is the most frightening thing we can do. This also allows us to be what we are.

The dogs in my pieces are rather enigmatic to me and not as obvious as a suitcase symbolically. This dog is not caught up in the man’s passion and does not seem to trust the end of the board. This is much the same as in my other sculptures where dogs just aren’t playing along with the humans they are with.  – Michael Hermesh

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