Together at the Grove by Susan Rankin


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hand-formed solid glass elements, steel, poly pipe
Art Size
Columns vary in height up to 8’5″, base is 30 x 30


Together at the Grove by Susan Rankin


This series of work has been designed from nature for nature. The columns sway in the wind creating a calming natural movement. The columns are not damaged by wind because of the round nature that the wind cuts around and through. The transition of colour in each column is made up of several shades and tints in the glass elements, which suggests the movement of time and season highlight and shadow. As the daylight shifts the piece moves in shadow as if a sun dial to represent movement of time. The scale is commanding the viewer engage and walk up to and around the piece. The view up through the colour and light expressed by the piece has a jewel like quality. During the winter months, the colour will beckon the viewer with the playful punch of colour in the cold surrounding and catch the snow on those special days that seem so magical. – Susan Rankin