They Stand On Guard by Catherine Moffat

They Stand On Guard by Catherine Moffat

Oil on canvas
Art Size
48 x 30


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Moffat, Catherine

Artist Moffat, Catherine



They Stand On Guard by Catherine Moffat

I was born, and have lived my life on the west coast of Canada, on the tip of Vancouver Island, bound on three sides by the ocean.

Here, we are accustomed to seeing all manner of sea going vessels; freighters, fishing boats, sail boats, pleasure craft, huge ferries, and most endearing of all, the small ferries that carry cars and passengers to the cluster of Gulf Islands sprinkled off the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Approaching the destination dock, stand the tight squads of pilons (known to sailors as ‘dolphins’) that guide the smaller ferries into the mouths of their berths.

Secured deep into the ocean floor, these pilon groupings offer their strong arms as they stand on guard for the small, human scale ferries that carry people to their Gulf Island destinations.

There is something about this image of the ‘protector’ that draws me into an emotional place that haunts me, moves me, and defies definition.  The composition itself leans into pure design, approaching abstraction, and lends itself to further experimentation of expression.  It still calls to me as a poem unfinished.

“They Stand on Guard” is the third painting in my ‘Monolith’ series.  They all express my delight in my slice of my Canada.