Sea Stacks at Bamfield by Rob Elphinstone

Sea Stacks at Bamfield by Rob Elphinstone

Oil on canvas
Art Size
20 x 24


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Elphinstone, Rob

Artist Elphinstone, Rob



“These sea stacks are an easy walk from beautiful Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Sea stacks rise everywhere around you out of the ocean creating a painter’s paradise. When we look at these magnificent features, nature shows us ourselves reflected in trees and rock sculpted by water and wind.” – Rob Elphinstone

Actualism art works to capture the reality behind the subject rather than capturing the artist’s viewpoint of the subject (impressionism), the sense reality (realism) or invoking an emotion/ mood (expressionism). Canadian West Coast artists naturally attempt to capture this essence and that gives rise to an artistic style originating on Vancouver Island. My process of laying down heavily textured paint mimics an elusive wild flowing quality found in nature.  The result is completely unlike that which results from carefully applied brushstrokes and is both exciting to do and intriguing to look at. This pastel under painting unifies my work and allows vibrant palette to be applied on top. This art reflects the belief that the painting is not about what is optically perfect but about the unseen reality that everyone feels – the essence of what makes nature of interest to us. On the west coast, sea stacks rise out of the ocean with trees that are shaped by the wild forces around them, much in the way people have been shaped by their own wild environment.

“Sea Stacks at Bamfield” by Rob Elphinstone