Reef Pendant/Brooch by Andrea Roberts


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Roberts, Andrea

Artist Roberts, Andrea


Sterling Silver, 14kt. gold, Australian Crysophrase
Art Size
19″ chain


Reef Pendant/Brooch by Andrea Roberts

Many of my pieces are inspired by the beautiful places in BC, my travels and also personal stories that inspired the ‘Reef’ pendant. Some years ago, when I was teaching at VSB Continuing Adult Education a student gave me a slab of top quality Chrysoprase that his father passed on to him from a Chrysoprase mine in Australia. He told me that the mine is now closed. The slab was in my drawer for many years and last year I had my gem cutter cut half of the slab into a drop shape for me. That is only half of the story. Another student, gave me a piece of cast coral that he made long time ago. I’ve kept it in my box for quite some time until it was ready to be taken out and transformed into a special piece. I think these two elements of the pendant match perfectly match together in colour, texture and shape but it is the story behind each element that makes this pendant so special. It is also honouring my students’ kindness sharing their stories and the passion for jewelry making. – Andrea Roberts