Q Series Cufflinks by HK + NP Studio

Q Series Cufflinks by HK + NP Studio

Sterling Silver
HKCL14 Q-001


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HK + NP Studio

Artist HK + NP Studio



“The Q series cufflink was the piece that started us on the path to creating our jewelry studio. It was originally made as a birthday gift from Hiroko to Neil. The Q series cufflinks are a handcrafted unisex cufflink in sterling silver that is comprised of slender ribs to form a sphere. The idea was to give shape to what is normally a flat surface. It is a playful elegant cufflink that nicely accentuates any semi-formal or formal outfit. For Women, the cufflink also goes great with the other jewelry of this series, our Q series ring, earrings, and pendant.

Our Q series cufflinks are handcrafted in sterling silver (nickel free) with the highest quality of materials and with exceptional care. We are very proud of the quality and craftsmanship of all of our jewelry.” – HK + NP Studio