Perfect Symmetry on a Cloudless Day by Michael Hermesh – next edition of 15 available by order


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Hermesh, Michael

Artist Hermesh, Michael


Art Size
18.5 x 7 x 5 (including balloon)


Perfect Symmetry on a Cloudless Day Michael Hermesh

Please contact gallery to order next edition of 15 available by order.

When sculpting or drawing a person I always like to think that the narrative behind the face is always much more descriptive than the exact physical representation. Objects or thoughts also have the power of narrative existence.

In this case the rock is real to the adult figure in the sculpture but does not even exist to the boy. He may have the choice to adopt the rock as real, or he can choose to not give it being.

The beauty of seeing what is really there, somewhat like the fool who sees the emperor has no cloths, the absolute reality solidity and weight of the rock does not exist to impede the balloon’s flight.

– Michael Hermesh

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