Paula Necklace by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Paula Necklace by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Druzy, Cubic Zirconia, Freshwater pearls


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Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay

Artist Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay



Paula Necklace by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Hollow Star made by forming a bezel with sterling silver, soldering to a base plate. Starting with the back, the plate has a hole to hollow for heat and liquid escape while completing the soldering process. After quenching the edges are made flush with the shape. The “bezel form” is then filed flat and soldered to the top plate. After quenching, the edges are made flush, filed and polished. Attachments are then made. The numbers I use to denote where the piece is in a series are hand sawed from Sterling Sheet and then using an  “appliquéd” method, soldered on the face.

The Cubic Zirconia are set in a prong basket,  these are soldered in to one end of the wire, the other end is rounded to a loop and soldered as well.

The Druzy is set in a fine silver bezel. The pearls are strung and finished with hand made findings and hand made chain.