Morning Paper by Corre Alice

Morning Paper by Corre Alice

Oil on canvas
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56 x 30


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Alice, Corre

Artist Alice, Corre



MORNING PAPER by Corre Alice

The ‘Morning Paper’ began the morning after the night before, at ‘Studio Live’.

I was treated to the jazz concert by a dear friend when I was living in Cumberland B.C. on Vancouver Island. I had no expectations and was happy to go, I love most music and especially live music.

From the outside you’d never know it was a recording studio, just a shabby old building up hill from the heart of the village. The walls are painted flat black, there is a low stage and a space for an intimate audience.

My senses were delightfully overwhelmed by the closeness in the room, the bright lights reflecting off the brass and chrome of the instruments but especially, of course, the music.

The Morning Paper’ is the name of the album played by Kelby Macnayr Quintet.  The band consists of Macnayr himself who is the drummer, composer and band leader, Daniel Lapp on trumpet, Phil Dwyer on Sax, Miles Black on piano and Tom Wakeling on Bass.

So that morning I began in charcoal, with a rough sketch, right onto the canvas itself.  I used oil paint next, pure black and white in my attempt to capture the intensity of the music. The frenetic rhythms of jazz, the sharp jabs of the brush, the riot of drumsticks, and the piano keys, dancing across the canvas was the goal of my composition. The addition of blue and gold reminded me of the glare and energy of the music I was part of the night before.

The introduction of figures seen and unseen and their instruments gives the viewer a slight story to elaborate on.

It was a challenge to take this experience and turn it into a visual two-dimensional format that reflected the sensory explosion of an evening of jazz.  – Corre Alice