Geometric Structure by Sid Samphire

Geometric Structure by Sid Samphire

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Samphire, Sid

Artist Samphire, Sid



GEOMETRIC STRUCTUREThis piece is again one of a series of forms of various sizes and colours that are constructed in similar ways. Two large shapes are held in place by two narrow slabs and they are  then all joined to a base slab.

The intent is to achieve a balanced design while each side has a different appearance. Raised lines and white glaze have been used to create a linear, geometric motif that creates shadows on the surface.

The top of the structure has bars across which helps hold the structure as it dries and helps support and flowers that may be displayed in it.

I am generally influenced to create images from what I see or visual ideas that pertain to that experience. The grandeur, the structure, the interior space and light of a cathedral influences me more than its religious purpose.

The slab objects I make fit into three broad categories: constructions that are sculptural and architectural, simple forms decorated with textured surfaces that suggest rather than describe landscape, and relief panels influenced by nature or architecture. My hope is to engage the viewer and stimulate a satisfying response.

A year or more ago, I was thinking about a form for a pot that I could explore in a variety of ways. I started by drawing various shapes on paper and settled on a simple vertical rectangle with the two lower corners rounded a little.I cut this shape from a piece of card and used it as a pattern to cut two shapes from a large flattened clay slab. These two slabs were joined by their vertical edges that were pushed slightly toward each other to form curved sides. A third slab of equal thickness was added to form the base of the pot. I called this a “basic unit.” It was approximately 9 x 6 x 3 inches. I also added a footing to lift the pot and show its shape more clearly.

I made ten or more of this basic unit but decorated them in different ways. I added clay stripes, incised lines, and added various textures. Sometimes, I cut areas open to modify the form or did whatever else I could devise to generate interest. The completed units were also glazed in a variety of ways. Later, I used the same basic unit but made it much larger.  РSid Samphire

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