My Favourite Bracelet by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

My Favourite Bracelet by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Sterling silver, Gold, Fresh water pearls and leather


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Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay

Artist Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay



MY FAVOURITE BRACELET by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

The “thousands” of pieces in the bracelet are made from hand made soldered jump rings. Then hand made shot is soldered on each jump ring. They are then polished and ready for stringing.

Building a bezel makes the mechanical clasp in a star shape, soldering sheet Sterling Silver on both sides, cutting, sawing and filing the edges to be flush with the star shape. After polishing, a hand made bezel is soldered in the center of the star and a looped attachment is soldered on the back. Te box to the left of the star ‘button closure” is the junction box. The junction box is a hollow construction with holes for stringing on the sides and access on the bottom. A piece of leather is knotted and secured inside the junction, it makes its way around and on the return ends are inside the junction box where it is all tied off.

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