Elan Neckpiece by Linda Freedman-Katz

Elan Neckpiece by Linda Freedman-Katz

Argentium Silver and Bronze


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Freedman Katz, Linda

Artist Freedman Katz, Linda



Elan Neckpiece by Linda Freedman Katz

A versatile neckpiece which is understated yet elegant, consists of misshapen hand forged Argentium Sterling Silver chain with just a touch of contrasting textured bronze. My career in clothing design has taught me to try on every piece of jewelry I create. This is important to ensure the piece sits right, is a flattering length and that the style looks right on my body.

Argentium Sterling Silver is now my preferred medium with which to create my jewelry collections. It has a nice icy white silver colour which I love (with 1% more silver content than regular sterling silver). Best of all, it is very slow to tarnish & easily cleaned up with soap and water. Being ecologically friendly, it is derived from reclaimed silver and assembled without the use of harsh chemicals.

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