Diamonds & Rust Bracelet by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Diamonds & Rust Bracelet by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Sterling Silver, CZ, rust


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Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay

Artist Stocking Godfrey, Lindsay



DIAMONDS & RUST BRACELET by Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

A linked Bracelet made from Sterling Silver, Rust and Cubic Zirconia (man made diamonds). The links are made of serrated bezel cups. The serrated bezel is made from fine silver and filed to a serrated edge with a jewelers checkering file. Round wire is shaped into a donut shape the size of the bezel cup, soldered closed, and then textured with a Cross Peen jewelers hammer. Along with texturing, this will flatten the round wire.  Rust is then cut to shape and placed in the bezel cup. On top of the rust is the flattened and textured donut. The bezel is then folded around to secure the “stuffing” in place. In this design the Rust and textured donut serve as a cabochon.