Connections by Corre Alice

Connections by Corre Alice

Acrylic on canvas
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36 x 36


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Alice, Corre

Artist Alice, Corre



Connections by Corre Alice

The connection of living things is what this painting is about. Recently, at a mushroom growing workshop, I heard a story about the mycelium web that lives just under the surface of the soil. It was a scientific experiment that blocked off the sunlight to one tree inhibiting photosynthesis and observed how the mycelium transported, in an act of collaboration and mutual aid, the chemical energy generated by the trees growing in the sunshine to the shaded tree, enabling its survival. My nerdy self was close to tears reflecting on the amazing connections in nature and the recognition that we are nature. As a gardener I witness the interdependent connections all the time between insects, birds, plant-life and microorganisms all the time.

I also consider myself connected to not only what is dear to me,  genetically to my family and emotionally to my friends but on an even deeper level with the knowledge that my physical body is temporary and will change its form eventually to soil which will be yet another way to connect to the cosmic soup. The black bands and lines in this painting link one side of the square canvas to the other. Occasionally looping with each other they weave in and out in various combinations similar to the links of a chain. When they over lap there is a sense of depth that implies three-dimensional space.

The limit to cool colours , ample white and the lack of earth hues allow the viewer to remain in a cerebral state since the idea of connection is considered a concept rather than the representation of an object. I used acrylic paint because I know it would be important to layer the paint to give the impression of totality or timelessness. Another element would be the white dots that sit on top of the forms that came before and are partially covered with new forms, giving the sense of the passage of time. There is the suggestion of leaf patterns adding to the idea of connections within the natural world. This is a concept that I have developed into a small series. – Corre Alice