Before the Clock Strikes Twelve by Kimberly Kiel


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Oil on canvas
Art Size
48 x 48


“As much as I love the idea of painting outside, I’m much too ‘spread’ out.  Two large tables comprise my palettes, (which get covered in saran wrap at the end of a painting session and reused the next day) and I just haven’t been successful in finding a workable way to transfer that outside.  So all my work is created ‘in studio’  Where I am extremely messy… despite best intentions otherwise. My hair is regularly sprinkled with green, blue and other sorted colours (to go along with the silver ‘sparklies’ that are already in there!)  As is my face, arms and anywhere else that happened to be in the way that day. ” – Kimberly Kiel

“Before the Clock Strikes Twelve” by Kimberly Kiel