Autumn Shoreline by Lorna Dockstader

Autumn Shoreline by Lorna Dockstader

Acrylic on canvas
Art Size
24 x 48


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Dockstader, Lorna

Artist Dockstader, Lorna



AUTUMN SHORELINEWhether it is alongside a lake in Algonquin Park, a river in British Columbia, or in nearby Fish Creek Park, I have always been inspired by autumn’s ever changing palette. In each location, in fall, I have painted small plein air oils on board, a Canadian tradition. These are later used as references during our long months of winter, in Alberta. Painting outdoors in winter is something I have only done twice, on  very sunny days in February. The colours in this acrylic, are from a small oil, painted in the park several years ago, with added darks to create richness, and textures to add variety. I think it captures the season’s glory, without being garish.

I was once told that there aren’t a lot of painters who understand what elegant colours are. I do, and take great delight in mixing shades, and tints. I struggle with other things while painting, fortunately, colour mixing comes easily.  – Lorna Dockstader