Ask for More (Quad) by Corre Alice

Ask for More (Quad) by Corre Alice

Oil on canvas
Art Size
48 x 48


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Alice, Corre

Artist Alice, Corre



ASK FOR MORE by Corre Alice

‘Ask For More’ is a conceptual painting. It was painted during a time when I was thinking a lot about our society and what we believe to be true. I was looking closely at our human collective beliefs that we cling to, such as religion, borders and customs. Fashion like high heels, head scarves, painted faces and the fact that there are nine million people in prison world wide, a class system, power over, even what we perceive to be polite or rude is made-up and agreed upon.

I have attempted to represent these invented constructs with chaotic and random brush marks and a variation of blended and crisp edges. This language of painting contrasts with a geometric composition of a precise, hard-edged square with-in a square that I’ve used to describe the perfection of the natural world.

The natural world is dependable, and exquisitely balanced in evolved wisdom. Fractals, reproduction, symbiotic relationships, photosynthesis and the elements are just a few of the examples of this harmony.  The formal lines in the painting are compounded by the physicality of the quartet, straight horizontal lines refer to the horizon of the ocean or lake surface while the verticals speak of plant life reaching for the sun or seeds pulled by gravity directly to earth.

The limited palette is intended to simplify the painting into distinction between the arbitrary that represents our social order and the logical, which represents universal intelligence.

‘Ask For More’ is oil on canvas and is named such because I’m asking the viewer to question the society that we live in. Although independent thought is sometimes considered subversive, unquestioning the beliefs that create this bizarre world we are walking through is, I consider, dangerous to individual expression. – Corre Alice