Abstract Landscape by Sid Samphire

Abstract Landscape by Sid Samphire

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Samphire, Sid

Artist Samphire, Sid



ABSTRACT LANDSCAPELines, shapes, and colours are arranged to suggest a harsh landscape. Corrugated cardboard was pressed into the clay slabs to create the repetitive lines. With pots like this with wide open tops, I often place two thin slabs of clay across the opening just inside so that they are not visible. The bars support flowers and stop from flopping.

I use grogged stoneware clay for the production of the objects I make. Grog adds a gritty texture to the clay while reducing shrinkage and aids even drying. The coarse particles also open the clay body to allow gases to escape, particularly during firing.

Most of the glazes I use are made from raw materials. They are applied using dipping, pouring, and spraying techniques and a little brush work. I also use an electric kiln to fire greenware to cone 06 and bisqueware to cone 6.

This pot illustrates the use of basic design elements to suggestion landscape as decoration. The intent is to make each object visually stimulating with or without flowers or whatever else a person may choose to put in them. – Sid Samphire

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