Born in Ontario, Canada, Nancy Street was raised near the shores of Lake Huron, where she first developed her love and appreciation for nature. At ten years of age, Nancy’s youthful dreams and artistic sensitivity were expressed with a simple block of wood and a utility knife. This hobby blossomed into reality when Nancy moved to the west coast in 1973. Working as a RN in Vancouver, she searched for a piece of jade to carve. This pursuit brought her in touch with group of artists devoted to carving BC Jade. Needless to say she replaced her nursing cap for a grind-wheel. Nancy joined the group and became a stone sculptor… a dream come true.

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In the mid-eighties, Nancy began using soapstone and alabaster. These softer rocks speak the language of her graceful and flowing forms. Intrigued by the play of light and shadow, Nancy invites the viewer into sharing her romance with all things natural. She also collaborates with her husband Brian, a decorative wood turner, to create spectacular wall sculptures.

Collectors enjoy the life Nancy breathes into her sculptures. With simple tools and an inspiring eye Nancy creates sculpture that expresses the heart of both the stone and the sculptor. Her work is collected internationally.