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Parker, Ron

Parker, Ron

RON PARKER – My landscape oil paintings represent the culmination of all the skills I have acquired over 36 years of painting. I began with wildlife paintings in 1978, first in watercolour and then acrylics, learning how to render feathers, fir and foliage realistically. 20 years later I began to paint figurative paintings and portraits, learning how to use colour and texture to create sensitive renderings. In 2003, I began a series of over 400 ‘essentialist’ paintings reducing the painting compositions to the essentials of design, form and rhythm using acrylics.

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Then, in January, 2013, I embraced the medium of oil paints and they have allowed me to do the subtle blending of shapes and colour that I had not been able to do before. By painting wet into wet and using only one coat of paint in most paintings, I have been able to return to realistic, detailed renderings of landscape. But now, I can create subtle water reflections, smooth gradations in clouds as well as refined detail in foliage. The adoption of painting in oils exclusively has enabled me to capture the detail, light, texture, colour and mood of any scene.

My latest group of paintings are all from around Beacon Hill Park and down to the beach below Dallas Road in Victoria. These represent my best work to date and I am pleased to show them at the Avenue Gallery.

For those of you who appreciate the techniques of artists, I do my paintings in a method that few oil painters employ. I begin with a canvas on which the landscape to be painted is drawn quite accurately. Then, I begin painting with the background at the upper left hand corner of the painting and progress down and to the right, rendering the painting completely until I reach the bottom right hand corner of the painting. It is all done with this one coat of oil paint using very little medium. There are times when the nature of the painting requires that I wait for it to dry before completing some of the details in the painting, but most are done with one coat of paint, wet into wet.” – Ron Parker


Solo Exhibitions at The Avenue Gallery:

2016 October  “Juan de Fuca Beaches”

2014 October   “Changing Light”

2010 October   “Retrospective Show”

2009 April  “Pillars of the Earth”

2007 November  “Seasons”

2006 October  “A Change of Light”

2005 October  “Coastlines”



1993  Commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to do a set of four coins depicting the Sea Otter as a Collector Edition of $300, $150, $50 and $30 coins along with artists Glenn Loates, Robert Bateman and George Mclean who are doing similar sets. Released as the 1994 Platinum Coin Set


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