Artist Heather Pant has been painting much of her life, and professionally for the past 20 years. Her unique style and magnificent use of colour invite you into her mountain scenes of rivers, lakes, peaks, and waterfalls - in the majestic and inspiring Canadian wilderness. "I live to paint and I paint what I love."

Living in Calgary, Alberta, the proximity of the prairies, foothills and mountains provides Heather with a never-ending source of creative inspiration. She is motivated and inspired by the movement and colours of her surroundings. Heather’s use of bold, vivid colours and movement provide the viewer with a truly introspective experience, evoking a distinctive sense of emotion through her creations on canvas.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Heather is an accomplished computer graphic designer, with extensive experience in advertising and marketing. As a member for many years of the Chicago Artist Coalition, she has participated in numerous solo and public art exhibits in Canada and the US. Her paintings are collected internationally in both corporate and private collections. Heather annually donates select pieces of her work in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and Kathy's Run, in support of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.