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Arnott, Linzy

Arnott, Linzy

Linzy Arnott wanted to fly as a child. She built a pair of wings to make her dream possible and tried jumping off a barn. As an earthbound adult, her brush allows her dream of freedom to take form and each piece takes flight. Linzy Arnott’s work is deeply influenced by her life experiences and the details found in her surroundings. Her palette of inspiration comes from the places she explores – rainy seascapes to the texture of rust infected architecture – places where she finds unspeakable beauty.

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Linzy creates with emotion, drawing on memories and experiences to convey mood and feeling in her pieces. She has created techniques to achieve her texture and colour often blending oil-based liquid leaf with acrylic paint which has a chemical reaction and unpredictable outcome. At times, she will apply forty or more layers on one painting.

Linzy was born in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island but moved to Vancouver after winning a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Graphic Design. She went on to study colour theory and painting at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Linzy now resides in Maple Ridge, B.C.



Something one of my collectors said with tears in her eyes validated my life’s purpose as an artist. She said, “I had a terrible day at work, I was feeling awful but the moment I walked in the door and saw my painting… It just changed how I felt, it changed my day…”¬†That is why I do what I do.

Since I was a child painting has been my passion, it brings me places within myself where I feel whole and complete, it is my sanctuary where I find peace and joy, belonging and hope. The canvas is where I go to think, to let go and to see the bigger picture. I have been on a mission to share that with others. Art has the ability to transform emotions, to heal a broken heart, to surface a beautiful memory, to bring a new perspective to your unique journey through life. I believe art has the power to visually stimulate an internal wave of love, understanding, peace and hope. I am not technically trained to paint, I hold my paintbrush “wrong”, I don’t follow the rule of thirds and despite what others have tried to teach me I always start my paintings with white. Instead of planning out a painting I meditate and wait for the image to come, the imagination is such a powerful tool, the only tool I now use in my concept/creation process. It took dropping out of art school to realize what art means to me. Art for me has never been about doing it right or following a specific technique or set of rules, art like life is about finding your own unique way of self expression. Creating art, for me, is 100% about emotion. Following intuition in the moment, feeling the energy of the person I am creating for and allowing the painting to come together in front of me without being attached to the outcome. Creating art is like life, it is a journey to the depths of your soul, it is highs and lows, it is waking up in the morning and deciding what you will create on the canvas of your life today. It is choosing to paint over the pieces that don’t serve you with understanding and love. The artistic process is just like life: always changing, evolving, ebbing and flowing. If you choose to see it that way there is ALWAYS a light, a “golden lining” in every situation and circumstance, a beautiful opportunity for growth and learning. The beauty of the sea and vistas is the metaphor I use to represent the underlying message of choosing to see the “light side” wherever you turn. It is like that old saying “face the sun and you can’t see the shadows” doesn’t mean the shadows aren’t there, it just means you are choosing to see and appreciate the good in all life is offering you in every moment. That is what painting means to me and that is what I hope to share with my work. ¬†– Linzy Arnott


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