The Artists

Armeni, Silvia

Armeni, Silvia

Born in Italy to a family rich in artists, Silvia Armeni showed a real talent for drawing and painting since her earliest years. In 1967 she entered the “Liceo Artistico” of Genoa but on the death of her father, the family moved to Rome where she completed her studies and received her diploma in 1970.

In 1975 she had her first one-woman show in Rome, where she exhibited oil paintings and fabric collages. It was a resounding success, as were each successive show over the next few years. During a tour of Canada Silvia was so taken by this country that, in 1979, she decided to move to Toronto where she found the appropriate environment for fulfilling her life long ambition of becoming a full-time artist.


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She does collages of ancient medieval Italian suburbs or typical Venetian canals, which take shape with the precision of an architectural drawing. Silvia’s fabric collages use cloth exactly as a painter would use their¬†brush;¬†infinitesimal bits of coloured fabric no bigger than a nail tip are carefully glued together, creating scenes with a special luminosity and vivacity.

The canals of Italy reflect the gold and salmon coloured buildings and gently bobbing boats in the warm Mediterranean sunlight; shadows fall on the terra-cotta pots lining the doorways and windows. It is this gentle and elegant world that Silvia Armeni strives to recreate in her work.