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Raven & Stone

Raven & Stone

Raven & Stone was founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 2012 by Vanja Gavric, owner and designer. The handcrafted collection was created with the goal of providing unique and minimalist jewelry that embodies the quality of wearable art.

Vanja’s deep-seated passion for art and design has consistently been a driving force in her life. Her love of creating and working with her hands has led to exposure of many different artistic mediums. The collision of these creative influences is heavily present in her design process and execution. In order to perfect her craft, Vanja has invested time apprenticing under Master Goldsmith Andrea Roberts.

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Today, Vanja utilizes the lost wax method and metal forming techniques to craft each Raven & Stone collection. She invites inspiration from urban architecture, organic textures and forms, and is heavily influenced by minimalist and industrial design.

Each Raven & Stone piece is diligently constructed by hand using only the highest quality materials.