Deira Gerritsen designs jewelry that is as metaphysical as it is edgy. When she first launched her collection Deira Rocks in 2005 she used the inspiration of her travels from a decade living and working in Asia. She discovered the material she now works with while there and began to create the larger pieces she favors wearing herself for friends and family. Her first pieces were met with a positive response and as the desire for her collection grew, she began to see how her pieces empowered and provided a sense of well-being to the wearer, while still being whimsical and fun.

It was hard to deny the cosmic allure of metals and gemstones derived from the earth’s crust, which, like crystals have significant metaphysical properties. She could see it working on her clients in front of her eyes. Her jewelry often includes Asian coins for prosperity, a dragonfly for reinvention, and healing gemstones for protection and hope. Deira designs jewelry that connects women to their emotions, grace, strength, and sense of humor.

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Deira Gerritsen works exclusively with a specialized material she calls Cyber Silver. Sustainably farmed coral is mixed with resin to allow for shaping. This shaped bead is then soaked in .925 sterling silver and finished with 4 coatings of .925 sterling sprayed on at a high velocity, giving it a lustrous shine.

Gerritsen didn’t start her career as a jewelry designer. Through a series of events, she recalls, “I needed to change who I was as a businessperson and had a flash of insight that can only be attributed to a sodalite stone I was wearing at the time. I embarked on a journey that led me to use my creativity for many purposes, fundraising for pediatric cancer being chief among them.”

Deira has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Boston, MA, Palo Alto, CA and now calls Victoria, BC her home.