Known for her fun, yet casual approach to design, Linda Freedman Katz’s artistry embodies a true twist on the already unusual. The understated elegant style of her wearable art reflects the taste and a complementary look to her clothing collections, which she once developed as a fashion designer in Canada.

Using Sterling and Fine Silver as her precious metals of choice, Linda is passionate about creating unique, organic, and most of all, versatile pieces that the wearer will value as something exclusive and entirely their own. Each piece is handmade by Linda and therefore one-of-a-kind.


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Forging, fusing and/or firing create the distinctive flavour of all pieces. Hammering is one of her preferred techniques to develop a texture and misshapen look to her organic silver compositions. Bronze and copper, often intermingled with silver, add colour and impart an eclectic, ‘nuts & bolts’ look.