Mary Lou Banks is always looking for those deeper treasures that lie just beneath the surface. They are unique, perfect in their imperfections and differences, and that is exactly what her jewellery is—perfect imperfections.


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In 2008, Mary Lou combined her passion for unique jewellery pieces with her background as a geologist to create LULU l B Designs. Her love affair with accessories began at an early age, inspired by her mother’s impeccable taste and style, but was fully realized on her first trip to Paris. She spent hours people-watching and noticing how Parisian women accessorized so simply and elegantly. She began to haunt the Paris shops, coming back from each subsequent trip with more and more sparkling and unique gemstones, crystals, freshwater pearls and silver, and thus, LULU B l Designs was born. It was inevitable really as she grew up in an environment where beauty and creativity were revered. Her jewellery is inspired by this timeless aesthetic and the European notion that more is not better.