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Pearlman, George

Pearlman, George

With degrees from Syracuse University and Pennsylvania State University, George Pearlman has been potting for over 30 years. His education was and continues to be a collage of life experiences.

George established St. George Pottery in 1999 (renamed George Pearlman Pottery in 2013). His studio is connected to his home in St. George, Maine, where during the summer he offers an apprenticeship program for aspiring potters.

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“I do have great moments of inspiration, yet it is really what is in my environment daily that ultimately finds its way into my work. I do my best to live an honest, loving, inspired life and to fill my life with what I find beautiful in the deepest sense of the word. My time in my studio is my opportunity to use all of the techniques and personal visual vocabulary and ideas I have developed and continue to develop over many years to create my beautiful offering to others while I do my best to forget everything that I know. I believe that true art is a blessing offered to others.” – George Pearlman